Selene headwrap


Elegant designer headwrap hand-made in London from rich turquoise silk.

Inspired by iconic Eastern turbans, headwraps provide beautiful headwear solutions for everyday style and resort chic.

Appear polished and styled with minimum effort, simply by either slipping the headwrap on over loose hair, or putting your hair up into a bun and sliding the headwrap underneath it.

Bespoke Hats:

If you would like us to make a headwrap for you in particular colours or for specific outfits please contact us.  We also offer headwraps with full coverage for Modest dressing.

One Size – the concealed elastic at the back of the headwrap allows for a comfortable fit and flexibility of size

100% Silk

Dry Clean only

Please do not wear this headwrap in the rain

Customer Care

Need some help?

If you have any questions regarding this, or any of our products, please feel free to get in touch. Want a more personalised experience? We offer a 24 hour Boutique Service delivered directly to your home, office or hotel. This service is currently offered within the Greater London area.

Please call +44(0)20 8870 6506 or email us.

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